Participation tips

Contribute to the success of the fair: invite your contacts to attend! 

Bringing the Webwinkel Vakdagen to the attention of your contacts will ensure that the fair reaches a wider audience. And that is something everyone can benefit from! Below are a number of handy tips to help you with inviting your contacts. Download our whitepaper.

Tips for inviting your contacts:

1. Add an additional boost to your participation through extra exposure

Do you want stand out from your fellow exhibitors? If so, take advantage of the various sponsorship opportunities. A selection from what is on offer: 

  • A presentation in one of the theme halls
  • Distribution of flyers on the exhibition floor
  • An insert in the promotional exhibition bag
  • Sponsorship of drinks reception
  • Link your name to an exhibition refreshment area
  • A banner on the website
  • Partner mailing to 9,000 addresses
  • View the sponsorship opportunities 

Please note: Only limited numbers of sponsorship opportunities are available, so act quickly!

2. Online invitation 

Log in to the exhibitor management page. Here you'll find a ‘Unique URL for registration’. If you use this in your online communication with potential visitors, the registrations will be collected in your account. Via the ‘Where to log in’ URL, you can ascertain how many registrations have come through your channels. This will not only enable you to measure the impact of your efforts, but will also inform you about who you can expect at the fair. Once the fair is over, you'll have a clear view of which of the registered people actually visited the fair.  

3. Make sure your presence is widely known!      

  • Indicate your presence on LinkedIn    
  • Place the available Webwinkel Vakdagen banners on your website (and don't forget to link these to your unique link, which you can find in the back office)    
  • Also remember to let your Twitter contacts know of your presence and what you're going to show during the fair. Don't forget to add #WWV18, so that your tweet will also be displayed on this website's homepage.
  • Use an email banner and make sure your employees include it in their email signature. Every sent email will show that your organisation will be present during the Webwinkel Vakdagen! 

4. Prepare your follow-up

Have you already drawn up a plan to follow up all the contacts you collected during the fair? Research has shown that the greatest irritation among exhibition visitors is the lack of follow-up of contacts. This is often due to the lack of a concrete plan among exhibitors to collect contacts during the fair and then to follow these up once the fair is over. 

Make sure this doesn't happen to you! 
Plan on how your stand will gather the details of visitors and how you will provide them with the required information after the fair.

5. Instruct and motivate your stand staff

The people manning your stand are your organisation's showpiece. Enthusiasm and appearance are key factors for the success of your participation. So make sure you instruct them well. How do you want visitors to be approached? Which questions should your staff ask and what information should they convey? 

Need help?

Naturally, we would be happy to assist if you need any help in inviting your contacts or if you need additional text and/or visual material. You can contact us at or by phone on +31 (0)40 280 8409.