De platformeconomie

Whitepaper platformeconomie

Online shopping is the future. When it comes to innovation, we are used to looking to the West, but the front runners in terms of the platform economy and e-commerce are in Asia.

What can we learn from them?

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Mobile first

Whitepaper mobile first

Consumers spend 180 minutes a day on their smartphone. Of these 180 minutes, they spend an average of 170 minutes within apps. The largest growth within apps in 2017 can be seen in the Shopping category (+ 54% compared to 2016). This offers opportunities for e-commerce and online entrepreneurs.

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Outsourcing logistics

Whitepaper logistiek uitbesteden

Whereas it was fine to wait five days for a package a few years ago, customers now expect to be able to determine when their order will be delivered. The same evening, or three days later. But how do you ensure that you can offer customers what you promise?

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whitepaper beursdeelname

Great, an exhibition! And now? How do you make this event an effective success? In this document we have collected a number of useful tips, tricks and reminders. The basis for this is our many years of experience in organizing exhibitions as Organization Group South (OGZ). But the most important input naturally comes from various conversations with exhibitors and visitors. They can indicate whether the exhibition was successful for them or not.

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Whitepaper aanbevelingsgids softwareleveranciers

A smoothly running webshop seems to be the holy grail for entrepreneurs. This is also increasingly the case. Certainly for pure web stores, so without a physical shop. Entrepreneurs who have a good idea must convert this into a successful webshop with ditto sales. That is the goal at the bottom of the line: achieving revenue and making a profit with a good idea, service or products.

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Sfeer binnen e-commerce

ecommerce sfeer

The e-commerce sector is transforming. Front runners set the course, followers and those who stay behind pick out the elements that they like for their business. A few topics play a very important role in this. These are: real-time customization,
same day delivery, personalization versus privacy and chatbots for customer service purposes. Who delves into these topics and makes use of the available options, can distinguish itself from the competition.

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Drop Shipping is not a novelty, but the direct-to-customer model is certainly on the rise. However, not everyone is aware of this. So, what exactly is drop shipping? Why should a company choose drop shipping and which factors should a future drop shipper look out for? Which role does Amazon play and how do wholesalers cope with it? Just a few justified questions, simply because there is still very much unknown about drop shipping.

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The Subscription Economy

The subscription economy

The so-called Subscription Economy revolves around services that respond to the needs of today's consumer: Subscription Services. Precursors such as Netflix and Spotify are already intertwined in our daily existence. Not a person that still rents a DVD, buys a CD or downloads an MP3. But is this revenue model for everyone?

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How Wijnvoordeel retains its leading position

Wijnvoordeel whitepaper is one of the first online wine stores in the Netherlands. The shop has been active since 1999. The proposition: renowned wines at spectacularly low prices. In the meantime, Wijnvoordeel is the number 1 online retailer for wines in the Netherlands, and is working hard in Germany and Belgium, among others.

That success doesn't happen by accident. Wijnvoordeel has innovation in its DNA and is regarded as a very progressive player in the field of online retail and marketing. Don't wait, but be the first to try - that is how Wijnvoordeel guarantees its success.

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Whitepaper veranderend consumentengedrag in retail

Everything becomes fluid under pressure. Retailers are moving in directions that they did not know existed five years ago. Does the "new consumer" still need retailers in the shopping street? What consequences does this have for the retail landscape? In which way can and should retailers respond to this?

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Top Trends in ecommerce

Due to the enormous growth E-commerce has gone through, it is essential to stay relevant and embrace the latest trends. What are currently the most important challenges and most interesting opportunities?

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Whitepaper data science

The current recommendation systems are great examples of how the use of data can lead to the creation and effective use of profiles. Still, there is a lot of ground to cover in the field of recommendation systems.

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