Visitor Profile

Your participation in the Webwinkel Vakdagen is aimed ultimately at gaining the attention of your target audience in order to realise greater returns. It's therefore important to know what the profile of the visitors is so that you can focus your message on their needs.

Increasing number of visitors

In recent years the fair has witnessed unprecedented growth and is now on its 13th edition! The first edition in 2007 saw more than 4,000 visitors make their way to the Jaarbeurs. In 2011, this had reached over 8,000 and in 2018 the number of visitors passed the magical threshold of 12,000. 

And the number of visitors to the 13th edition is expected to exceed 13,000.

Company size

It is also important to know the size of the companies where the visitors work. This will enable you to gain insight into the number of employees per company.

Number of employees


Type of company

What type of companies visit the Webwinkel Vakdagen?


Stands & Booth Staff
Nice to know, the number of stands and booth staff at the Webwinkel Vakdagen?