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Company size of Webwinkel Vakdagen visitors

 9.3% works at a company with over 500 employees
 11.4% works at a company, ranging from 101 to 500 employees
 32.2% owns or works at a company, ranging from 10 to 100 employees
 47.0% owns or works at a company with fewer than 10 employees

Job description of Webwinkel Vakdagen visitors

 50% of the visitors is CEO/Owner
 20% of the visitors is Specialist
 15% of the visitors is Manager
 10% of the visitors is Director or part of the MT
 5% of the visitors is Senior Manager

Sector in which Webwinkel Vakdagen visitors are active

WWV20 - Dag 1 - Keynote Jumbo

E-commerce 29.9%
Retailer 18.4%
B2B 19.6%
Travel & Leisure 2.9%
Government 1.1%
Other 28.1%



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