The extensive high-quality lecture programme is Webwinkel Vakdagen's most popular attraction. This edition, we offer visitors - once again - over 100 hours of content divided over 12 lecture halls. As an exhibitor, you have the opportunity to present one of your successful case studies to a large group of interested visitors. The average number of visitors per lecture during our last edition was 102. Furthermore, every visitor attending your lecture is scanned, which instantly produces valuable leads.

Value of sharing knowledge

Curious about the experience of ISM eCompany? Why do they give a number of lectures and what are the benefits? Watch the interview.


As speaker at Webwinkel Vakdagen, you are in good company. Over 200 experts of leading (international) companies share the stage with you. 

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What are the criteria for your lecture?

  • Submit a proposal based on your expertise, not what you think we want to see. We are looking for practical tips that can be applied directly by visitors.
  • A sales or product presentation is not allowed and if there is any doubt, OGZ can request that you forward the presentation in advance.
  • Be specific about the content of the presentation so the visitor can participate with the right expectations. (Note: indicate clearly whether it is a technical or business presentation).
  • Give a unique lecture specially made for the Webwinkel Vakdagen.
  • The submission deadline for the full description of the lecture is no later than November 2nd 2020.
  • All fields must be completed.
  • Failure to meet the above criteria is a reason to reject your request.

Apply a request?

Requests will be handled carefully. Sharing knowledge is central and we do everything we can to find the right cases to inspire our visitors during the exhibition.

Explain what you have done, how you have dealt with certain things, what you have used for that and where this resulted in. Go in depth, provide specific facts, advice, insights, results, strategies and tactics at a high level.

With a lecture request you are still not sure of a place in the program. Do you want to be sure of a place in the program? Then contact  info@webwinkelvakdagen.nl.


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Exhibiting with a booth during Webwinkel Vakdagen is the perfect opportunity to meet potential clients, to raise brand awareness, to effectively launch new products or services, or to expand your business network by being in contact with new and existing business relation.

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For further information or a tailored advice you can contact us.

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