Using online sales funnels in offline retail to build stronger bonds with your clients

WOE 15:30 - 16:00

Dit is een presentatie van 2022

One thing that e-com is lacking is human connection. A/B testing, chatbots, sophisticated automated systems help online brands make up for personal interaction with the goal to maximise conversion rate.

In an increasingly competitive e-com environment with changing algorithms and rising marketing costs, does offline retail offer the opportunity to differentiate your brand?

And if so, how can people that connected with your brand in a physical space be turned over to your online sales funnel where automatic systems continue selling?
More so, what if e-com customer retention strategies could help you build stronger bonds with consumers in physical retail?

Learn how the native online lingerie store The Lingerist implemented key learnings from its webshop into its first physical store and how you can use it to increase your conversion rate on leads.