The rise of Fairphone and the importance of transparency

14:00 - 14:30

Lezingenzaal 5



Join Max Seabrooke, the customer experience lead at Fairphone, in this insightful chat with Rick van der Wal.

Fairphone is a purposeful company whose goal it is to produce the most fair smartphone possible. Max will share with you how transparency and showcasing and listening to the voices of customers has helped their organization grow.

This lecture includes practical examples and best practices from an Ecommerce and Customer Experience perspective. 

Be prepared to find out:

  • How Fairphone started up and succeeded by sticking to their values

  • How Fairphone listens to the voice of the consumers

  • How they have decided to become more transparent

  • How they used the voice of the consumer to optimize the Ecommerce & Customer experience

  • Which optimizations helped their business and conversion the most



Customer experience