Green Innovation Trends in Global Supply Chains: Shaping the Future of International Shipping for Ecommerce Business

WOE 10:45 - 11:30

Lezingenzaal 10 - Duurzaamheid


Is your brand sustainable?

Is it challenging for your business to afford sustainability?

How could sustainable strategies aid in business growth?

In the dynamic landscape of the global supply chain, a green transition is well underway, marked by increasing investments in sustainable and affordable solutions.

This presentation will introduce how the green shift is reshaping the future of international shipping for e-commerce products. Through the sustainable solution at NextSmartShip and the investment preference, the session will also introduce how to redefine business sustainable development. During the presentation, we will initially explore three trends defining the global supply chain landscape for e-commerce businesses:

- One-stop-shop Model: integrating separate steps in the supply chain.

- Integrated Fulfilment Partner: connecting suppliers from sourcing to shipping.

- Green innovation: embracing cross-vertical opportunities.

These trends collectively underscore the paramount importance of efficient supply chain management for online business. Ecommerce brands actively operating a green strategy need to ensure that their supply chain management aligns with sustainable guidelines.

What defines an efficient supply chain?

How can you ensure that your green strategy aligns with sustainable guidelines?

During the presentation, we'll explore how going green can provide solutions to the challenges faced by online shops. We'll also spotlight case studies detailing the collaboration between NextSmartShip and its clients in the DTC business realm. We will explore how online merchants can benefit from more efficient supply chain management. Sustainable solutions not only earn you a green reputation in the short term but also empower the long-term growth of your digital business. Join us on this thrilling adventure towards sustainability, where the future of international shipping meets ecommerce business growth.

This is your opportunity to make your brand a part of a sustainable success story.

Lecture in English.