ANVR Travel Tomorrow – Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence in travel

WOE 13:15 - 13:45

Dit is een presentatie van 2018


Travel Tomorrow - Teaming up for simplicity! 

Travel is one of the most turbulent markets in the world. It is also a great stage for new technologies and start-ups. Its very character makes the industry often be among the first to deploy the latest trends in technology.
What are the underlying trends and mechanics? What will be the key traits of the travel marketplace tomorrow? What specifically is to be expected from artificial intelligence and blockchain technology? What will be the key success factor for players in this marketplace?

This presentation gives a view on those questions. It is based on opinions from a uniquely broad range of experts. No one is in a position to claim the one and only possible answers and so aren't we. The future of travel is far from played out. And still, despite all ambiguity, one theme seems to stand out in shaping travel going forward: Teaming up to deliver simplicity.

This lecture is provided by the ShoppingTomorrow expert group Travel Tomorrow.

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