360° cross-border solutions in Central and East Europe: 1 hub for 80 million consumers

WOE 12:40 - 13:00

Lezingenzaal 11



Eurohermes provides end-to-end cross-border solutions in the fields of logistics & fulfillment, compliance, IT & customer service and wider e-commerce distribution in Central and Eastern Europe.

We serve more than 400 customers and process more than 5 million cross-border parcels annually. We offer more than 40 different courier and postal services in 20 countries. We have COD (cash on delivery) delivery solutions, which are key in markets where up to 60% of e-commerce transactions are the preferred payment method (Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia). We support clients in selling through the leading e-commerce platforms in Central and Eastern Europe: Allegro (Poland and the Czech Republic), eMAG (Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria), Kaufland (Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia), Pigu (the Baltic States) as well as Amazon, Zalando, Otto.de and eBay. We advise on IT integration and optimisation of data exchange processes, taking into account the specific characteristics of CEE markets We provide comprehensive customer service in 10 local languages. Express (24-48h), daily logistics line-hauls : Netherlands - Germany - Poland - Czech Republic - CEE allow us to provide flexible and fast distribution and reverse logistics.

Thanks to our warehouse on the German-Polish-Czech border, we provide fulfillment services from 1 location with 24-hour delivery to Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic and 48-hour delivery to other CEE countries.


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