Phanum was born to help eCommerce Startups, just like yours.

How can your business thrive with expensive agencies?
Hiring a freelancer? Is it the perfect fit for your company? 
Plus do you have time to project-manage all of that?
Have you ever considered in-house personnel? Good luck.

We offer what startups need:

  • Knowledge and advice. To make good decisions.
  • Experts working with you. To achieve your goals.
  • On-demand service. To be there right when you need it.


We are a curated community of independent professionals working together.
With you. Not for you
We are marketing & tech-savvy.
We work on-demand.
We advise what is best to do.
You decide. We deliver.

With us there are no long-term contracts but long-term partnerships.

We are Phanum, the Team-as-a-service.

What can we do for your business:

  • Make your ads profitable. Get that ROI up.
  • Improve your Google position. Get your site fast, nice, and well structured.
  • Outrank your competitors. Get really good at content.
  • Automate and conquer. 

Online retail is hard, we are here to help.

Let's talk about your business today: book a meeting.