Market leader in email marketing since 2004

Spotler started out in 2004 as sister companies Blinker (email marketing consultancy) and MailPlus (email marketing software). In 2017 the two companies merged and changed their name to Spotler. Since then, a leading position has been built up in the Netherlands when it comes to developing and delivering e-mail marketing software for ambitious marketers working at midsized companies. Especially in the B2B, ecommerce and NGO/Non-Profit segments Spotler has built a leading position.

Spotler is based in the Netherlands and has more than 70 employees who work for about 5,000 users.

Software WITH a Service

Spotler develops and delivers the easiest to use software for professional email marketing automation. But it’s not only software. Spotler also offers all Services for a carefree start and that help customers improve their performance and results. The aim is to help customers to get better in email marketing and communication by using our software. Spotler takes care of the complete onboarding, including the necessary templates and database integrations and training. When Spotler customers have questions they can call the support team. That’s how Spotler guarantees software without frustrations!