SnelStart makes it easy for small businesses in the Netherlands to keep their books. Over 35 years the family-owned software company has provided bookkeeping solutions with accessible features, and at low cost. SnelStart aims to automate 100 percent of the business administration so our customers can spend their time running their business not their paper work.

Using SnelStart you decide how and where you work. On premise on your PC, or using your tablet or smartphone. You conveniently send an invoice, from wherever you are. Receipts and bills are easily uploaded and processed. Connect your bank account to SnelStart and you will always know where your business stands.

SnelStart also connects to many other applications, such as webshops. An order in your webshop can automatically be processed as an order in SnelStart. Obviously this saves you time, and eliminates double entry.

With over 59.000 customers SnelStart is one of the main suppliers of software solutions for small business in the Netherlands. SnelStart is a proud Microsoft Partner, both as Gold Application Development Partner, and Gold Cloud Platform Partner. Out of 8.000 partners in the Netherlands, SnelStart has been selected as Microsoft Country Partner of the Year 2017!


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About SnelStart

35 years of experience

SnelStart Software makes popular financial- and business-management software for applications for Dutch SMBs and self-employed entrepreneurs. SnelStart aims to automate 100 percent of the business administration so our customers can spend their time running their business not their paper work. The desktop application, SnelStart has been developed since 1982, has seen many technologies throughout its lifecycle and is now used by over 57,000 satisfied customers. In 2016 more than 6,000 new customers have been added.

SnelStart is a modern, agile, high-tech business with humble roots dating to 1964, when the founders started the company as a manufacturer of musical instrument parts. The heart of the SnelStart software business really started beating in the 1980s, during the proliferation of the personal computer. The company needed a better alternative to the accounting software available at the time, so it took matters into its own hands. In 1982, the company created the foundation of what would eventually become SnelStart accounting software. From the start, the software was admired for its simplicity and speed—so much so that the company eventually changed focus and reinvented itself into a software company.

Microsoft Partnership

SnelStart has been a proud Microsoft Partner for over 10 years now. We already were Gold Application Development Partner, but we recently we have also become Gold Cloud Platform Partner. Our solution SnelStart 12 is certified for Windows 8 and Windows 10.

In the timeframe of March 2016 to February 2017 SnelStart achieved a turnover of €386,174.43 on Microsoft Azure. And in 2017 we do that by tripling our yearly Azure commit. March 15 is no longer just Dutch Election Day. From now on, march 15 is the day SnelStart made its first one million dollar commitment to Azure.

Customer stories

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