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Skwirrel B.V.

Keeping track of product information in Excel is the most common way of working with product data. For many companies it is very recognizable: product information that is managed in 15 different Excel sheets in different locations and also by different people. 

Many organizations struggle with this way of working, as the possibilities in Excel are limited and version stress quickly arises. In addition, the large number of rows and columns of product information can quickly lead to loss of overview. 

The Skwirrel PIM system aims to collect and structure all product information in one central location. No more hassle with multiple files with multiple versions in circulation, but a uniform, standardized system. Skwirrel also offers a solution for structuring appendices, manuals, brochures etc. as a PIM system. 

Skwirrel offers a PIM system in which DAM is integrated. In Skwirrel all product data can be recorded and managed in a clear way. All attachments and assets are integrated. By working in one system the data is stored in one place and is always consistent. 

From a user-friendly environment, an unlimited number of products and sales units can be provided with multilingual descriptions, marketing texts, ETIM dynamic features and attachments such as images, assembly videos, user manuals, certificates, etc. 

Get a grip on your product data with Skwirrel's PIM system!