ProductFlow B.V.

ProductFlow B.V.

Our platform is slightly different from all other Marketplace Integrators and PIM systems: mainly in terms of content management for marketplaces and web shops. 

But we don't just help you with content management
In ProductFlow, you can also manage Orders, Stocks, Sales prices and Delivery times for both marketplaces and webshops. So create one place to manage your e-commerce business! With our Basic WMS you can also process all orders and use order picking to create a logical route through your warehouse. 

Experience the ProductFlow Repricer as well and win the buybox on marketplaces such as

What exactly does ProductFlow do differently?

The basis
We do not work from a source (often webshop) to send the content to marketplaces with Rules (if this then that). We are not only a marketplace integrator, but also a complete PIM system for marketplaces and/or webshops. Read the advantages below!

Also automate without webshop
We do not need a source (webshop). ProductFlow is the source!

No technical knowledge required
Our platform requires no technical knowledge! Anyone can work in ProductFlow.

Manage content in ProductFlow and keep an overview. You no longer need to log in to the marketplace to check how the products are offered. 

No limitation in branding
Content can be managed in ProductFlow up to detail level, without limitations.

No more double work
Starting with a webshop or a new marketplace? Work with ProductFlow! Then you don't have to reinvent the product every time, because our platform reuses content automatically for the marketplaces and/or webshops. So you no longer have the work of sending the (often unchanged) content to a new sales channel.

Content management of all your channels is done in one place
Specific information from marketplaces is often missing in the source file, so you can't always send it to marketplaces with rules. Work with ProductFlow! All marketplace and webshop fields including dropdowns are visible and fillable in ProductFlow.

ProductFlow just makes your e-commerce activities a lot easier!

Want to know more?
Come and visit us at our stand 184. We will be happy to explain what else makes us unique and how we can help you.