ProductFlow BV

ProductFlow BV

The new way of managing product information for the marketplaces!

Marketplace Integration made easy

ProductFlow originated from the idea that e-commerce is about selling products. Whether that is content, prices or sales data. Ultimately, you want to link all this information to a product once and make it leading. ProductFlow makes marketplace integration real easy.

Everything revolves around the product.

Do you already sell at marketplaces? Very well, you will probably recognise the following challenges:

  • I am selling on one marketplace, now I want to add another marketplace. It feels like I have to start again. What is the most efficient way to accomplish this?
  • How do I manage all my product content correctly on all marketplaces?
  • Which fields do I have to fill in at the marketplaces?
  • Every marketplace requests different information
  • I have no technical knowledge
  • My product was "strong" yesterday and "weak" again today. How is that possible?
  • I get the feeling that when I am working with multiple marketplaces I do a lot if things twice

Are you not yet selling at marketplaces? Do you play with the idea? And if you want to avoid the above challenges, use our tooling.

Manage all information about your products in one place and save valuable time. Increase your turnover directly on the marketplaces by simply adding products. Make selling on marketplaces really scalable and manageable.

Want to know more?
Come and visit our booth B22. We explain in detail what makes us unique and how we can help you further.

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