Orbitvu Benelux BV

Orbitvu Benelux BV

Want to take professional product photos quickly and easily? It is already possible within a few seconds! With the Orbitvu Alphashot and Alphastudio you can create freestanding product photos, 360 degree presentations and product videos of the best quality in no time. With this way of product photography, your image content is online within a few clicks.

All Orbitvu systems automatically remove the background. The photo is immediately clipped, post production is no longer necessary. This saves a lot of time and you work up to 20x faster!

The benefits of an Orbitvu system

Product photos, 360 rotating presentations or product videos must provide the customer as much information about the product as they are holding it  physically. The first step to achieve this is good product photography. Orbitvu Alphashot and Alphastudio systems help you out.

What are the advantages of an Orbitvu system?

  •         Immediately clipped images
  •         No post-processing required
  •         Lower costs
  •         Higher conversion
  •         Lower return percentage
  •         Have images quickly and flexibl
  •         Shorter time to market
  •         Easily create 360 ​​degree presentations
  •         Create professional product videos

Curious about what an Orbitvu system can save for your company? Come to our booth because seeing is believing!