Optiply BV

Optiply BV

Optiply is the number one purchasing software provider of over 400 e-commerce customers aiming for a more sustainable supply chain. With our algorithm we are able to fully automate 90 procent of all purchase decisions, while making sure you have a balanced inventory. Not too little, so you lose revenue due to stockouts. And also not too much, so you have too much capital invested.


Increase your turnover by 12%

Never miss another sale by ensuring you have the correct products in stock. Our optimal stock management leads on average to 5-10% extra product availability.

Reduce your stock by 26%

Optiply optimises stock assets by continuously analysing your latest sales results. Avoid excess stock, create more space in your warehouse, and grow your business faster.

Automate and spend 90% less time purchasing

Save time by automating inefficient manual processes. This way you only have to focus on irregularities and negotiating productive deals.

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