NextChapter eCommerce

NextChapter eCommerce

NextChapter is a unique e-commerce cloud platform. We specialize in powerful multichannel & multivendor (marketplace) solutions that give our customers a competitive advantage. Modular (headless modules) or as a complete suite. 

About NextChapter eCommerce
NextChapter is a powerful e-commerce platform that allows you to grow fast and with it you are ready for the future.

The NextChapter Platform gives you the flexibility, freedom and agility you need to maintain a competitive advantage. The unique advantage of the NextChapter Platform is that you do not have to make definitive choices that can turn against you later, and you can also run multiple e-commerce revenue models at the same time. NextChapter eCommerce is the only cloud e-commerce platform with a SaaS core that specializes in various e-commerce strategies and business cases and allows you to easily switch between them. For now and in the future.

We are continuously working on the (further) development of our SaaS platform, and we take care of a technically error-free implementation for you. In addition, we distinguish ourselves by offering you support at an operational, tactical and strategic level.

  • Complete: you get all the tools you need to increase turnover.
  • Ready to use: you enjoy a fast time to market, without endless technical projects and with a focus on the growth of your business.
  • Scalable: you can grow and expand indefinitely without worrying about performance, speed or security.
  • Continuous innovation: we continuously offer you new features and an always technically up-to-date foundation.
  • Agile: you can quickly, easily and cost-effectively run and further expand new business opportunities.

EXHIBITION NEWS: a better preparation for the future with NextChapter OMS

To increase turnover and exposure, companies are selling through more and more (online) channels. This expansion of channels and systems leads to a loss of overview and efficiency, making it increasingly complex to meet customer expectations in terms of insights, speed and service. Managing inventory and orders is more challenging than ever before. The solution: NextChapter OMS, for today and for tomorrow.

NextChapter OMS is the best virtual allocation management system out there, connecting sales channels to inventory locations. By means of fine-grained business ruling, stock and orders are linked to a preferred channel where all information is centrally stored for insights, distribution and customer service processes.

NextChapter OMS:

  • Specially developed for multichannel and multivendor e-commerce
  • SaaS for high quality, scalability and automatic development
  • Extensive configuration options making every case feasible
  • Unlimited participation from stock locations (warehouses, stores, partners, etc.)
  • Ship from store for companies with brick-and-mortar stores
  • Real-time insight into order status
  • Headless technology, which can be integrated into any system landscape
  • Automation of processes for cost savings and quality improvement


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