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MvH Media

Improve your online visibility – More result with successful online marketing!

You can find every target group online nowadays and the degree of online connection only gets bigger and bigger. The growth scenarios of this sector are very impressive for the upcoming years. At MvH Media we are well aware of this. Every day we work with a young and ambitious team on many websites and webshops in the Netherlands and abroad to reach the optimal return out of the online positioning.


We at MvH Media are daily trying to improve the online positioning of our customers, every channel has their own team of online marketing specialists. All specialities together under one roof. Therefore we like to position ourselves as a partner for our customers concerning online marketing.

For every customer and branch we search the best online solution that ensures it will end up in the best online result. The services that we offer are as followed:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Easier being found in the search engines in an organic way. This is important for every website and company.

  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Paid advertising difficult? No! A profitable campaign with the maximum return is. That’s why we would like to help your organisation further.

  • Online strategy

We like to think together with you to reach the maximum profit out of your online positioning.

  • Conversie optimalisation

Making customers out of visitors! The higher the conversion percentage on your website or webshop, the more profitable the marketing efforts will be!

  • Display Advertising

Reaching visitors (again) via visual advertisements.

  • Social Media marketing

Clever social media campaigns with a real result. Get in contact with the right target group or profit from convertible social media campaigns.

  • Marketplaces

Reach millions of international people by Amazon, or Ebay.

Depending on you specific background, we can switch quickly to think online marketing strategy together with the customer and guard this!