Mollie is one of Europe’s fastest-growing fintech companies, and it’s our mission to create a larger playing field for everyone. We’ve been changing the payment industry since day one with effortless payments that are easier, cheaper, and more flexible than what banks have offered. Now, more than ten years later, more than 70,000 customers depend on our innovative solutions.

It’s always our goal to make payments easier. Thanks to our simple payments solutions, our clients can focus on what’s most important to them: growing their companies. This is all made possible via our technology: you don’t have to be technically inclined to use our products. You can easily integrate all popular payment methods in one go with our free plugins. But if you’d rather write your own code, we’ve got you covered there, too: with our powerful-yet-simple API, you can make your own choices and build your own payment environment.

Webwinkel Vakdagen Summer edition

7 & 8 juli 2021 Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Leading in Digital Commerce

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