Kaufland Global Marketplace

Kaufland Global Marketplace

Kaufland Global Marketplace – The International Marketplace that Boosts Your Growth!

Kaufland Global Marketplace enables online sellers to sell on a variety of country-specific marketplaces with just one registration. Our multi-marketplace technology allows you to centrally control your offers, orders and product data and also supports you with further services that you need as a global player. Kaufland Global Marketplace offers you the ideal infrastructure to grow internationally and combines concentrated trading power with state-of-the-art platform technology.

The pioneer is Kaufland.de with around 32 million online visitors per month. Kaufland.de is one of the fastest growing online marketplaces in Germany. Further marketplaces in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are already set to follow in 2023. With around 1,350 stores in 8 countries, Kaufland offers high international brand awareness online and offline, ensuring optimal reach for your offers. 

Sell your products with Kaufland Global Marketplace and take advantage of numerous benefits offered by international marketplaces. 

Your benefits as a seller with Kaufland Global Marketplace:

  • High reach: access to 32 million visitors per month on Kaufland.de alone
  • Strong brand awareness: 1,350 Kaufland stores in 8 countries 
  • Multi-marketplace technology: one registration provides access to many marketplaces
  • Multi-channel marketing included (SEO, SEA, price comparers, social media, customer brochures) 
  • Relevant payment methods for all countries included
  • A wide range of connectivity options and simple set-up via GTIN
  • Personal seller support in multiple languages 
  • Fair and transparent conditions
  • No contractual terms 

As a Kaufland Global Marketplace seller, you expand your sales strategy and increase your reach and target groups. Reduce your dependency on a few sales channels and list easily with one of over 70 connected software interfaces or use the Rest API, CSV upload or manual entry options in the Seller Portal for your processes. Support services such as the translation of product data are available to ensure a successful start. Once listed, you have the opportunity to further increase your sales with Sponsored Product Ads. 

Register now and ignite your sales boost!