Huboo Technologies LTD.

Huboo Technologies LTD.

Huboo is an eCommerce fulfillment partner that utilizes people and technology to help businesses grow. We distinguish ourselves from other fulfillment companies by making all our employees shareholders, ensuring heightened motivation to provide the best solutions.

Whether you're a startup or a global enterprise, we can assist you in reaching your full potential with our flexible fulfillment solutions. Our unique technology and human-centered focus aid businesses of all sizes in growing through our third-party logistics services (3PL).

At Huboo, we've fostered a company culture where individuals can be themselves, collaborate, and enjoy working together. We selectively hire the best talent, provide thorough training, and empower them to exceed expectations. We give space for our employees to develop their skills and ensure equal opportunities for all colleagues to build their careers at Huboo.

Since our establishment in 2017, Huboo has experienced rapid growth, partnering with major companies to facilitate their e-commerce expansion. Through tailored solutions and integrations, we provide cutting-edge possibilities in global e-commerce.

Built on flexibility and passion, we deliver a world-class fulfillment service that supports and strengthens your strategy. We handle your product logistics and fulfillment, allowing you to focus on building and enhancing your business.

As fulfillment and 3PL experts, we continuously explore new opportunities to aid in your growth. We receive your products, store, pack, and ship them to your customers worldwide.

Our service-oriented microhubs prioritize the human element, a rarity in our industry. The hub model transforms the traditional warehouse into micro-warehouses, significantly improving 3PL efficiency and reducing costs.

Our hubs are equipped to store, pack, and ship your goods, enabling faster responses with high accuracy through fewer steps and shorter distances traveled by our Hub Managers. You benefit from a higher quality of service and a human approach supported by flexible end-to-end technology.

Our hub model has revolutionized 3PL efficiency while simultaneously reducing costs for you.

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