Copernica Marketing Software

Copernica Marketing Software

Copernica has been developing powerful email marketing- and marketing automation software for over 20 years. In 2021, Emerce named us The Netherlands' best email service provider (ESP).

Our software goes beyond mailing lists: customer profiles are saved in a central, layered database. You can enrich profiles with multiple data layers, such as purchase history or viewed products. Our integrations also allow for real-time data sharing between Copernica and your online store, DMP or CDP. That way, email campaigns become more and more relevant.

​Does your current ESP limit your ability to leverage data and maximize revenue? Start using Copernica with our free, 30-day trial: 

​At the Webwinkel Vakdagen, Copernica acts as the ambassador for the theme room 'Email marketing automation'. Looking to get inspired by practical cases and tailored advice? Visit us in **lecture hall 8, stand 190** on **Wednesday, January 26th** and **Thursday, January 27th 2022**. | +31 (0)20 520 61 90

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