What we offer

The CloudSuite eCommerce platform facilitates all phases of the customer journey. With this you offer your customer the optimal shopping experience; from orientation to self service.

We host the platform and you automatically receive the latest version every month. CloudSuite can also be implemented headless, giving you complete creative freedom and flexibility.

An ERP connection is crucial for real time stock and price management. That is why CloudSuite can be connected to all ERP systems. This way your internal processes connect seamlessly to your eCommerce environment.

Do you have national or international growth ambitions? In addition to your B2B shop, you can open multiple shops for other target groups and channels. For example, think of direct sales to consumers or a special shop for brands or resellers.

Thanks to these, and many other features, CloudSuite enables you to be at the forefront of the eCommerce revolution.

Customer cases

We asked some of our customers why they chose CloudSuite and what they have achieved with the platform so far:

Van Gelder groente & fruit:

Van Gelder Groente & Fruit videocase


Secrid video klantcase

Charlie Temple:

Charlie Temple video klantcase

Goossens Wonen & Slapen:

Goossens Wonen video klantcase