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With Clonable you can easily clone a website to a foreign domain, while retaining unique content for Google. If you own a hotel, or are a member of the board of a regional tourist board, you might want to serve English or German speaking visitors as well. Or if you have a successful webshop, you probably also want to try and sell your products on the French or German market. But an english .com website won't score on or Instead of building a whole new website and having to transfer all the content, translate it if necessary, and maintaining two sites, Clonable gives you a foreign site within 5 minutes. Because it is a live copy, changes on the original site are automatically applied (and translated) to the cloned site.


What are the benefits?

By showing identical content, but specifically aimed at a foreign market, Clonable increases the reach of your website. The content is seen by Google as (non-duplicate) content. Cloning a website has a number of major advantages.

  1. Cost effective. Normally it costs an enormous amount of money to copy and translate a site or webshop. With Clonable it is only a fraction of that.
  2. Time-saving. Normally it takes months to translate a reasonably large website, let alone a very large webshop with tens of thousands of products. With Clonable you can go live in 1 week.
  3. As good as maintenance free. There is no hassle keeping track of foreign content, new content is automatically cloned and translated. There is no extra hosting and you only need to maintain one dashboard/ backend for 2 or more sites (useful for e.g. stock management).
  4. SEO optimization. Through Clonable you are simply findable with your product or service in more countries or among non-native speakers in your own country. Moreover, due to the time and cost savings, you have more time and money left to work on this.
  5. Conversion optimization | Your foreign customer feels more at home in his own personalized environment.
  6. Adwords savings | You can advertise with a unique site in its own language, which will improve the quality score and therefore can bring cost savings.
  7. Quality. Although human translators obviously provide even better translations in many cases, Clonable is much better than Google Translate in terms of quality. The cost and time savings also mean that a translator can quickly bring the site up to a near-perfect level for visitors by reviewing the most important pages, menus, etc. and adapting them where necessary.