Clever Strategy

Clever Strategy

We are a fact based & data driven marketing agency. The one-stop-shop for performance marketing for consumer organizations. To this end, we offer the services below:

  • Strategy
  • Liquid media
  • Websites (webshops & campaigns)
  • Performance content
  • Marketing automation (e-mail marketing & smart customer journeys)
  • Data (analytics, dashboards & customer data platforms)

We are modern marketers practicing the marketing of tomorrow. We embrace the technological revolution to achieve measurable results. Achieve returns. Be successful. Realize growth. Making a difference, with a clenched fist and a smile!

Core Competencies

  1. Data Driven & Fact Based Marketing
  2. Building Relationships
  3. MarTech Knowledge (Marketing Automation, Data, CDP, AI)
  4. Liquid approach

We are proud to work for the following brands:

  • Hunkemöller 
  • Lucardi
  • HEMA
  • Bruynzeel Keukens
  • Jumbo Sports