Buckaroo provides innovative omnichannel payment solutions for thousands of organisations who are ready to take the next in developing their payment strategy. 

More and more webshops are offering a physical location in addition to an online store to offer customers a complete experience. As a payment partner, Buckaroo offers the ability to seamlessly integrate online and offline channels. This is made possible due to the recent merger with SEPAY, the largest independent pinterminal provider. As a result, Buckaroo now offers both  online and in-store payment solutions.

The ideal payment strategy
In the dynamic world of e-commerce and digitalisation, it is very important for online consumers to be able to pay quickly, easily and safely. Buckaroo anticipates on the ever-chaning payment trends by offering various payment methods including iDEAL, Bancontact, Apple Pay, PayPal and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa). On top of that, Buy Now Pay Later payment methods Riverty, in3, Klarna and Billink can also be added to the payment mix.

Buckaroo also offers customised payment requests with a payment link or QR code. By using the Buckaroo Smart Checkout, the payment provider helps companies set up their ideal payment strategy and tailor the checkout to the specific behaviour of the target group. On top of that, Buckaroo also offers additional services around the follow-up of unpaid invoices (credit management solutions), subscription services and split payments for marketplaces. This positions Buckaroo as a payment partner that offers solutions to any entrepreneur for every payment issue.

Innovation of your payment strategy starts with Buckaroo
Are you looking for an innovative payment partner that creates personalised payment experiences? Where you experience flexibility of smart omnichannel payment solutions in one platform where online and offline are seamlessly brought together? 

Don't wait any longer, we'd love to help you grow, email us at sales@buckaroo.nl.