Bigshopper has been active since 2007 and is therefore one of the first comparison sites. At Bigshopper (active in almost all countries in Europe) you will find millions of products and always the best deal! We are a fair comparison site and show an overview of various web shops. Bigshopper does not prefer certain stores in terms of visibility. At Bigshopper it is possible to directly compare the prices with other providers. The cheapest webshop is always at the top.

Besides that, Bigshopper is Premium Google CSS partner (Comparison Shopping Service). This makes it possible to advertise 20% cheaper in Google Shopping.

Several CSS Partners are active in Europe. Why choose Bigshopper CSS? The most important reasons:

  • Price: you pay a fixed amount per month. Do you spend more than 250 euros per month on Google Shopping? Then it pays to switch to Bigshopper CSS.
  • Bigshopper is one of the few Premium CSS Partners in Europe.
  • 20% margin advantage within Google Shopping
  • Bigshopper is active in all European countries covered by the CSS programme.
  • Quality: good and fast service
  • Experience and knowledge: Bigshopper has a lot of experience with switching accounts.
  • Transparent: we tell you all the details, Google requirements and provide honest answers to all your questions.
  • Support: support from both Bigshopper and Google (because Bigshopper is a Premium CSS Partner).
  • No hidden costs and no CPC (cost per click) model
  • Bigshopper has signed a management waiver with Google. This means that Google contacts retain access to the Google Ads accounts that are linked to the Merchant Center linked to the Bigshopper CSS.
  • Bigshopper meets Google's policy requirement that a comparison has been set up for each country/language and that a CSS MCA (Multi Client Account) has been requested and approved for each country/language.
  • Continuity and further development: Bigshopper is further developed through the monthly fees. Bigshopper employs several programmers and support staff. Bigshopper is a high quality platform.
  • Bigshopper fulfills the obligation (this can be found on the CSS partner page of Google as well as confirmed by Google by e-mail) that all products in the Google Shopping feed can also be found on the Bigshopper comparison page.
  • Traffic continues to grow on Bigshopper, no extra costs are charged for all clicks!
  • Bigshopper will not use/abuse the link with your Merchant Center, for example by linking your own AdWords account to your Merchant Center and purchasing residual traffic (which will be resold at CPC rates or which will be provided with affiliate links).
  • Bigshopper has successfully connected many customers, which is good for comparison and continuity.
  • Bigshopper can link your existing Merchant Center account to the Bigshopper CSS, which has the advantage that Bigshopper does not have access to your Merchant Center and that you keep your history.
  • Bigshopper does not need access to your AdWords account.
  • Bigshopper has arranged an opt-in, so that during the transition your ads remain visible on the Google Shopping tab, with Google Shopping search partners, but also within other parts of Google Ads (such as remarketing).
  • Every Wednesday, all new customers are transferred to the CSS. So you have clarity when you will be transferred.
  • Bigshopper does not work with redirects: this ensures that there is no risk that your traffic will end up with a competitor or another customer. We have examples of other CSS partners where this does happen. This is not only against Google's policy, but also totally undesirable. Advertising traffic will continue to be purchased by you and will continue to go to your website without intervention.
  • Fast and accurate search function within Bigshopper (if a consumer clicks on "Van Bigshopper" within Google, the Bigshopper site will quickly load relevant results in the right language and for the right country).
  • The offer on Bigshopper is updated daily. Our algorithm is constantly being improved, so that as many similar products as possible are displayed bundled together.
  • A notice period of only one month.
  • Bigshopper uses Comparison Listing Ads with the highest possible visibility (no exclusions). These are advertisements in Google that can only be used by CSS Partners. Despite the fact that Bigshopper incurs costs for this, we do not charge any additional costs for this. This visibility is included in your monthly fee. Comparison Listing Ads can only be used by CSS Partners.
  • If a feed cannot be retrieved, we will be notified and we will take action to ensure optimum visibility.

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