Active Ants BV

Active Ants BV

Active Ants performs all e-commerce fulfillment services for online stores. We store goods, pick & pack them and arrange shipping. But we go further. With our unique, automated fulfilment solutions, where robot, human and machine work together seamlessly, we make our customers, the online stores, more successful. Both national ánd international.

What kind of clients?

Active Ants currently provides complete fulfilment for more than 250 online stores. Webshops such as Stox Energy Socks, Mr Marvis, Mud Jeans, Basic Fit and Weight Watchers have already entrusted their stock, order picking, packing and shipping to Active Ants. However, due to the explosive growth of the company, there is still plenty of room for new customers from the fashion, health supplements, electronics and other small consumer goods industries. 

E-fulfilment of the highest quality and efficiency.

Active Ants is unique by using a state-of-the-art fulfillment process that was born out of years of experience and innovation. After launching the first online store in the Netherlands,, founders Jean Lahaye and Jeroen Dekker decided to focus on the logistics of online orders. With their knowledge gained at and the ambition to make the order processing process as efficient as possible by using machines and robots, Active Ants was founded.

AMR Carrier Robots

After Active Ants became one of the first companies to use the revolutionary AutoStore system (goods-to-man) in 2015. The first step towards a fully automated fulfilment process was taken. After the opening of a brand new warehouse in Roosendaal in 2020, the Active Ants fulfilment solution 2.0 was a reality. We would like to tell you all about the advantages of this new way of processing orders:

  • The AutoStore stores products 6x more efficiently and theft & dust free in comparison to a traditional warehouse. The robots that drive over the grid bring the products to our employees. 
  • Our carton erectors present exactly the right box size by means of our 3D scan & fit software. As a result, we do not need any padding material and we never ship an oversized box.
  • AMR carrier robots replace traditional conveyors and are the glue within the process. They bring empty boxes from the carton erectors to the AutoStore pick gate, filled boxes to the packing machines and sort packed packages to one of our 13 (international) carriers.
  • The automated packing machines cut and fold the filled box as small as possible. The box is then closed with a lid, which can be printed in full color, completely to the liking of our clients.

Tailor-made lid example

All these robots and machines together provide the most efficient possible fulfilment solution. They make the process more sustainable, faster, less prone to error and last but not least, more human. All the heavy work is done by the robots and machines, leaving the more enjoyable (and important) work to our employees.

Quick Integration and Online Dashboard

When customers have developed their own online store, it is very easy to integrate it into Active Ants' fulfilment system. Stock, prices, orders and trace information go back and forth in real time. In addition, our custom WMS, Maya, provides clear insight into everything you want to know about your online store through clear reporting and dashboards. For Magento, Lightspeed, Woocommerce and Shopify webshops, Active Ants has a plug & play connector available. Connecting with Active Ants is therefore child's play.

The Active Ants head office is centrally located in Nieuwegein. Active Ants also has E-fulfilment centers in Roosendaal, Northampton (UK) Willebroek (Belgium) and Dorsten (Germany).

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