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Boris Lokschin has a wide range of perspectives on e-commerce from which he has acquired comprehensive, in-depth knowledge across the field: As a facilitator in international technology transfer, as a successful e-commerce entrepreneur, and as a leader of large-scale strategic projects with a focus on integration. In his role as CEO of Spryker Systems, he is responsible for developing the ecosystem surrounding the Spryker software framework at an international strategic level. His focus lies on partnerships with the systems-integrator industry, on indirect channels of cooperation, on setting up the internal training and documentation department “ACADEMY”, and on the professional services department. Since 2006 he set up and managed the e-commerce service company Symmetrics as CEO and co-founder. As part of CGI Inc. management he was at the head of a large international team, supporting more than 150 e-commerce projects in a leading role at a European level for brands such as Zalando, Mars, Tengelmann, and Planet Sports. Lokschin enjoys sharing his insights at expert meet-ups and is a regular speaker at conferences.

Boris Lokschin studied economics and management at the Leibniz-Universität Hannover, Germany. A German-Russian bi-lingual by birth, Lokschin is also fluent in English. 

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