Recommending pharmacies the right medicine through data.

DON 15:30 - 16:00

Dit is een presentatie van 2020

Affordable medicine is deemed to be a basic necessity. However, prices of medicine are climbing over the last years and shortages happen more frequently. Shortages and higher prices require pharmacies to be smarter in the purchasing of medicine. Reduction of cost is another way of keeping the prices low. Brexit uncertainty did not help the pharmaceutical market in the UK.

Xomnia will discuss how they have build a recommender engine for a B2B website and how this became a pilar for the entire website. For this UK based pharmaceutical the recommender engine on the B2B website was one of the solutions to keep prices low. In addition, sales are up, more product diversity and higher customer satisfaction.

How did this analoge company follow the example of Amazon and Netflix? What were the steps required to for success? How to define the right recommendations? What are the lessons to take away from this project? And how to continue from here? Just a few of the questions that will be discussed in this talk.

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    Data driven insight & personalization

    Data driven marketing is een strategie waarin data van bestaande en potentiƫle klanten wordt gebruikt. Dankzij deze data is het beter mogelijk om relevante content aan de ontvanger te tonen.