LinkedIn Paid Advertising: How it's done at Sana

WOE 11:15 - 11:45

Lezingenzaal 7

Sana Commerce

For wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors, LinkedIn is the channel to reach the target group. You can reach your target group in a very targeted way through LinkedIn advertising. Well spent marketing money! Last year at Sana Commerce we invested a lot of money and time in this channel. We gradually learned important things about this form of advertising. These learnings and tips we would like to share trics with you during this presentation. The presentation is given by Linkedin Ads expert from Sana, Stephanie Neusser

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    B2B E-commerce

    De relatie tussen de B2B verkoper en zijn klant is gebaseerd op veelvuldig en intensief contact tussen beide partijen. B2B klanten zijn bedrijven die beslissingen maken op rationele gronden. Daarom is het van belang dat de transacties efficiƫnt en frictieloos verlopen.