How will brands survive in times of Amazon & Co.?

WOE 12:00 - 12:30

Lezingenzaal 6

Spryker Systems GmbH

In times of marketplace supremacy led by Amazon & Co. it has become increasingly difficult for retailers and manufacturers to secure growth and to survive. Retailers and manufacturers are struggling with decreasing brand awareness and loyalty. FOND OF a German manufacturer of sustainable and ergonomic backpacks had to face these challenges too. The company overcame them by means of an individualized and sustainable digital strategy that caters to the very specific demands of the brand’s customers and target group. Till Hess, Head of Digital Product & Tech will share their success story. You will learn about how to answer to the needs of a customer-centric market by making adjustments to the individual customer experience as required by the brand. Get insights on how FOND OF established a high performing e-commerce system not just for their multiple B2C brand shops but also for their B2B dealers portal.

This lecture is made possible by Spryker Systems GmbH.

  • Thema

    Waar data belangrijk is en cross border zakendoen eveneens in de spotlight staat, is platformisering misschien wel de grootste uitdaging. Binnen het Thema Platformisering komen alle aspecten van deze ‘challenge’ naar voren. De belangrijkste vraag voor veel ondernemers is op welke borden ze sales technisch willen schaken. Maar minstens zo belangrijk is hoe je een bestaand platform bij de tijd houdt.