Game of Thorns - Disrupting a centuries old industry by digitizing the supply chain

DON 14:45 - 15:15

Dit is een presentatie van 2018

Trends come and go. Flowers are forever. With this in mind, three Dutch rebels went 3 years ago on a quest to turn the flower industry on its head. And spread happiness throughout the world. With digitizing the supply chain and creating a world where tech and creativity come together - so far we’ve done great!

We are very clear in our statement - here at bloomon we are a little rebellious. And a lot disruptive. The new guys taking on the traditional players. While turning our industry on its head. A Dutch e-commerce scale up that happens to sell flowers - our working methodology is as disruptive as our product, operations, tech stack and infrastructure.

I would like to invite you for a sneak peek behind the flowers and show you the importance of continuous improvement. Because in the fast paced environment of the e-commerce industry and growing number of customers on international level - we need to act fast! What works today, is outdated tomorrow. A talk about our supply chain, operations, a bit of technology and a lot of flowers!

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