De Webwinkel Vakdagen

WWV Connect for visitors

With over 250 exhibitors, we can say that Webwinkel Vakdagen is the largest e-commerce event in the Netherlands. At this trade fair, you will find inspiring speakers and relevant themes, from Payment to Web Development and Design, and from Customer Care/Reviews to Marketplaces/Platforms.

As a visitor, you want to get everything you can out of the event. But how do you make sure you speak to the right people, get answers to your questions and manage your time efficiently? In other words:

How do I get more out of my visit to Webwinkel Vakdagen?

We've considered this and that's why this year we are introducing Webwinkel Vakdagen Connect. A free app to provide you with the ultimate trade show experience. Exhibitors, speakers, organisations and you as a visitor use the app, and you can even get in touch with key vendors that match your needs and interests before the event. You can then build up a network, make contact with exhibitors and schedule meetings. The app also functions as an event guide where you can find the programme and all the speakers. 'Do we need to say more?'

Register now free of charge  for the Webwinkel Vakdagen and, as well as a confirmation e-mail, you will receive an activation e-mail to use WWV Connect.

Create your own programme

Have you seen how many interesting speakers will be appearing at the event? You can easily view the full programme in the app. For each session, you will find the speaker, the organisation, the lecture hall and the topic. If you are interested in any of the sessions, you can create your own personal schedule by adding these sessions.

Tip: if you have added a session to your schedule that does not guarantee you a seat in the lecture hall, so be sure to arrive on time.

All exhibitors at a glance

You will find a list of all exhibitors in WWV Connect. To find the exhibitors that are of interest to you, you can use the filter function. For each exhibitor, you will find important company information with the corresponding representative(s). View the list in the app under Exhibitors. With the Show Interest function, you indicate that you would like to make a connection with the exhibitor, which you will then find in Connections.

Make contact

Are you stuck with an issue or are you curious about how your colleagues go about their work? With WWV Connect, you can make contact with exhibitors, speakers or other attendees straight away. Which company is the best fit for you and can give you the right information? A chat makes it easy to find out and a meeting request allows you to efficiently allocate your time at the trade fair. You can then spend all your time at the event gathering the right information and inspiration to reach your goal. They say that good preparation is half the battle.

My personal agenda

Scheduled appointments with professionals and/or speakers and scheduled speaker sessions can be conveniently found in My Schedule. If you need to move a meeting or want more people to attend, you can also easily adjust this in the app. And if you would prefer to include the appointment in your personal agenda, you can add the meeting via the web version.

During the event

All information in one place. You can also make use of WWV Connect during the event. You can use this tool as a handy event guide. Keep your personal agenda handy to make sure you don't miss a thing. If you are looking for a specific exhibitor, you can easily find the stand number via the app. And if you have a particular contact person in mind, you will find their details here.

WWV Connect brings the right people in contact with each other and offers all users the opportunity to easily connect. It gives you an extra opportunity to get to know each other better.