User experience & CRO

The Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) correlates with the User Experience (UX). This is all about the interaction between a client and a product, website, or mobile ap. Good UX ensures a good CRO. That is because UX is about the experience a user has with the product he or she is interacting with. This product does not always has to be aesthetically pleasing, as long as it is enhancing the UX.


Conversion Rate Optimization a structured proces that is based on letting people who visit your website act. This proces focusses on completing the online customer journey.


User Experience is about how the use interacts with the product, website, or mobile app. Intuitive interaction is key to UX.

  • Analytics & Feedback
    The gathering and analysis of user data in favor of UX and CRO.
  • UX Design
    UX design is about how the product, website or mobile app functions and interacts.
  • Smartphone
    Is about how the website functions on a smartphone. Speed, service and personalization are central in this.
  • AI
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a recurring technique and will be more associated with UX en CRO. AI not only aids in enhancing UX, but also in CRO. 
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