Strategy & growth

It's not always easy to be a player in a quickly changing marked. However, in 2021 the E-commerce market is expected to grow to a revenue of $4,5 trilion globally - 18 zeros. 

The market has changed from a supply to demand oriented economy. That's why digital is no longer just a trick, but an integral part of the business operations. The theme Strategy & Growth focusses on the technology needed to let a digital company grow.

Characteristics of Strategy & Growth:

  • Technological aspects
    The technological aspects needed to let a company grow digitally.
  • Capacity
    The company's expansion through the right people with the right skills to grow the company digitally.
  • Marktpenetration
    The increase of online market share.
  • Financial resources
    The expansion of financial possibilities and resources within a company.
  • Growth by diversification
    The expansion and shift from products and services to other markets, or industries in favor of the company's growth.
  • Product development
    To force growth through expanding the product or service range, or the improvement of the already existing  products or services.
  • Acquisition of other companies
    A strategy based on acquiring other (online) companies.
  • Disruption
    In the E-commerce sector it is eat or be eaten - Disrupt or be dirsupted. Hence, disruption is a digital strategy based on dirsupting the market.
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