Marketing & online advertising

Marketing is all about standing out. That is made possible through online advertising. This is a part of marketing that concerns the recommendation of products or services through online advertising. Marketing also concerns meeting the customer's demands to increase sales. That may sound simple, but the reality is often different. Today, every online marketeer fights for the same spots, and changes in the online domain occur daily.

Characteristics of Marketing & Online Advertising

  • Social Advertising
    This concerns advertising on social media and the different ways of communication that are available.
  • Personalization
    The personalization of online advertising content, to increase the CRO.
  • Neuro Marketing
    The scientific approach of marketing and how the brain can be unconsciously influenced through the right marketing tools.
  • Customer Journey
    How you as a company can optimize the customer's journey through marketing & online advertising.


The theme Marketing & Online advertising is about successfully reaching your target audience by personalized content, without being too much in their face. 

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