Marketing automation & email

Marketing automation and e-mail have have become fused in the last years. Marketing automation exists of creating contact moments between the company and the customer, in which relevant content is sent with the purpose of increasing the lead conversion. E-mail marketing has become part of that in the last couple of years. In this fusion it is about the combination between dynamic e-mail content as a part of marketing automation.

Characteristics of Marketing automation & email:

  • Marketing Automation
    Marketing Automation is the automated lead generation process. The goals are to generate leads, to increase the conversion and to work prospects.
  • E-mailmarketing automation
    E-mailmarketing automation is about the automation of sending a series of unique messages, based on events of the customer's life cycle, with the purpose of optimizing the customer service and business processes. E-mail automations works best in combination with other marketing automation tools, such as personalized ads on websites or social media.
  • Dynamic content
  • Content that is automatically personalized on the right moment, time and sent on the right channel. For e-mail automation this means that the content and images are personalized. All of this happens at the right time in the customer journey, increasing the engagement and the CRO. 
  • Flow
    This concerns the content flow and sending content at the right time and the right place in the customer journey.
  • Channel
    This is about the channel used to communicatie with your prospect. 
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