Logistics & fulfillment

Whether is concerns logistics or components, home delivery or stock optimization, a client wants to know what's coming. Delivery also plays a an important role in the decision making stage for a customer. Clarity is imperative. Part of this is being able to share reliable and and real-time information, and obviously, reliable delivery.

Characteristics of Logistics & Fulfillment:

  • E-fulfillment
    The proces from receiving an order, to delivery. E-commerce businesses can organise this in house, or outsource this to third parties.
  • Stock management
    The management of control of all incoming and outgoing product streams through planning tools. More and more, companies chose not to have a stock at all, but procure on demand.
  • Customer focus
    Customers expect an increasingly shorter delivery. The returning proces is at least as important, because that also needs to run as smoothly as possible. 
  • Technology
    An increasing amount of technologies become available to manage the fulfillment proces better and faster. Think of AI, but also Mixed-reality solution and drones. 

In a strongly digitalized world with millions of orders coming in at the same time, Logistics & Fulfillment are more relevant than ever. By making sure the whole logistics proces run smoothly, the change that customers return increases significantly. 

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