Data driven insight & personalization

Data driven marketing is a strategy in which data of both existing and potential clients are used. Thanks to this data it has become easier to show more relevant content to (potential) clients and leads.

In the television era mass communication was the standart. Nowadays in the digital era, however, this is no longer the case. Targeted and tailored content have proven to be way more effective. Apart from the fact that it becomes easier to meet the customer's demands, you can give the customer the perception that you think along with the customer's needs, which indicates that you care. To accomplish that, you need as much data as you possibly can, from as many sources as possible. 

Characteristics of Data driven insight & Personalisation:

  • Analysis and Segmentation
    There is a lot of customer data available, which can all contribute to well segmented customer profiles.
  • Persuasion
    Is is about how, through data driven insight and personalisation, content can become more persuasive. 
  • Prediction
    Is about how, with customer data, is becomes possible to make behavioral forecasts.
  • Metrics
    This concerns the metric values used to analyse customer data.

The theme Data driven insight and personalisation, is about how a company is able to target their customer and better meet customer demands, with goal is increase sales.

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