Cross Border

Cross border is about international business in goods or services and is also known as international trade. Doing international business has become easier over the years, which is why businesses are getting more interested in the theme 'Cros Border'.

The trust in your company from both domestic customers ands other companies is bigger that that of their foreign counterparts when you want to set up shop abroad. The increasing competition surely has an effect on the buyer's decision, but how do you win trust of your new cross border market? The following components will have a direct effect on your cross border E-commerce business: 

  • Content / Cultural perception​​​​​​
  • Make sure you are accustomed with the local culture, and make sure you adapt. What works in one country does not necessarily work in another, som make sure the content is also adapted to local standarts. This point is closely related to language. 
  • Technical infrastructure / Speed
    These two are the key to success. It may well be possible that in tother countries the technical infrastructure is not as you are used to. So, do adapt your expectations to that.
  • Customer support and service ondersteuning en service
    Every customer in every country has his or her preferences. In Europe alone, delivery preferences, for example, differ in each country. Whereas in the Netherlands people prefer home delivery, people in France prefer to pick up their package in the local grocery store.
  • Currency and payment
    This concerns different payment methods and preferences in different countries. In some countries people rather pay in cash, while in other countries people prefer contactless payment.  

Dutch etailers enjoy the geographical benefit of being amidst several big countries, such as Germany. With over 80 million inhabitants, it is a big market, which is relatively easy to penetrate, since the cultural differences are not so big. However, keep in mind that each different country requires a specific approach,

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