Content & Branding

Content and branding are two concepts that can compliment each other. Content can be an asset when it comes to building or extending a brand. At the same time, content coming from a successful brand will reach more people. That is why more and more companies are adding content to their branding strategy.

When knowing how to make good and relevant content that meets the target audience's demand, you can surely win authority as a brand. Eventually, this leads to more traffic to your website of webshop - people like the content and want to know more about the brand. The goal is to get leads to associate themselves with the brand and become customers. 

Characteristics of Content and Branding:

  • Branded content: Content that tells the brand-story.
  • Sponsored content: Paid content shown on a channel (or multiple channels) other than the brand's own website.
  • Data driven content: Targeted content that meets the customer's demand, based on data.
  • Native content: Content that is made fit for the channel it is communicated on.
  • Content marketing: Content that meets the bemand of the target audience.
  • Content Distribution: The distribution of content

Depending on how a company wants to extend their branding strategy, content can take many different forms, such as: blogs, articles, white papers, case studies, reports, videos, Gifs, static images of infographics. 

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