B2B E-commerce

The relation between the B2B vendor and his client is based on frequent and intensive contact between both parties. B2B clients are companies that make rational decisions. Hence, it's imperative that transactions run efficient and smoothly.

Characteristics of B2B E-commerce

  • B2B eCommerce Site: A company that has is own webshop on which merchants have access, if they are approved customers. 
  • Punch-out or web procurement: Web-connected procurement software that is directly connected the company's ERP system.
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange): A standardized method for enterprises to confirm and proces documents such as: orders, invoices, checks and other transactions. 
  • Saas (Software as a Service): Also known as 'software on demand'. SaaS is software that is offered as a service, which can be used on demand.

B2B E-commerce is undergoing heavy changes. In essence it still is based on companies doing business as efficient as possible. However, in the digital era it is becoming much more than 'just' filling in a form.

B2B E-commerce is becoming more attractive and more personalized because of the changing demand. A B2B-customer also shops online in his leisure time as a customer, which is why the expectations are shifting more towards an environment we know from the B2C domain.

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