Marketing automation and email

Marketing automation and e-mail have have become fused in the last years. Marketing automation exists of creating contact moments between the company and the customer, in which relevant content is sent with the purpose of increasing the lead conversion. E-mail marketing has become part of that in the last couple of years. In this fusion it is about the combination between dynamic e-mail content as a part of marketing automation.

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As payment is making its shift to digital, the role of Payment Service Providers (PSP) increases. To make sure the payment trajectory goes fast and without friction, a couple of things are important. For starters: every transaction with every payment method at any place and any time should run smoothly, both online as well as offline.

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Platform economy

Platform economy is all about the shift from supply to customer demand; Online platforms that try to meet those demands as much as possible. There are basically two kinds: platforms that are matching theirs client's demand, and there are platforms that sell products themselves on their own platforms. 

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Strategy & growth

It's not always easy to be a player in a quickly changing marked. However, in 2021 the E-commerce market is expected to grow to a revenue of $4,5 trilion globally - 18 zeros. 

The market has changed from a supply to demand oriented economy. That's why digital is no longer just a trick, but an integral part of the business operations. The theme Strategy & Growth focusses on the technology needed to let a digital company grow.

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User experience & CRO

The Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) correlates with the User Experience (UX). This is all about the interaction between a client and a product, website, or mobile ap. Good UX ensures a good CRO. That is because UX is about the experience a user has with the product he or she is interacting with. This product does not always has to be aesthetically pleasing, as long as it is enhancing the UX.

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