The Sonic Internet

WED 12:00 - 12:45

This is a 2018 presentation

Over the last 15 years, Sonos has changed the way people listen to music at home. In this inspirational keynote, Adriaan will explain how Sonos today is ready to change the way we listen to music once again. We live in a golden age of content – music streaming services have put virtually every song ever recorded right at our fingertips. The way we access that content, for many years only through desktop and mobile - and really the Internet itself - is undergoing a fundamental transformation. We’re moving from a world where, you clicked, typed, swiped & read - to one where you speak and listen.

Sonos calls this the Sonic Internet.

In the US, people are rapidly embracing this new way to control the internet, using their voice. Every month, almost a third of Americans use some form of voice-control. Adriaan, who managed the Sonos Business in AMPAC through 2017, will share his insights from the US market and the growing market in Europe, speaking to what the Sonic Internet means for many industries, including e-commerce.

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