Making your email marketing take off

WED 15:30 - 16:00

This is a 2017 presentation

As the landscape of the travel industry continues to flex around shifting consumer shopping habits and emerging technologies, companies are having to adapt to new ways of acquiring customers and delivering the customer experience.

The one notable thing about any travel-related company – whether it’s selling flights, insurance, packages or tours – is that email serves as an important component of the marketing strategy. This is not least because travel companies are at an advantage to gather a richer level of data from both prospects and customers – e.g. demographical information, vacation preferences and past trip details. Once a company has the email address, they can use all of this information to communicate intelligently with prospects and customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle. But are today’s travel brands truly harnessing the power of their customer data and available marketing technologies? This seminar looks at a range of emails by different types of travel companies to find out. 

Through our investigation we found that all brands with successful creatives followed email marketing best practices, with clear unsubscribe links, view-in-browser links and mobile-friendly templates. Also, many included cross-channel promotion with buttons to social networks and incentives to share. For some, there’s still work to do – but with the right technology and data, the experience today’s consumer expects is very much in reach.