Hunkemöller accelerates international growth via online platforms

WED 14:45 - 15:15

Lecture hall 4


Expanding our marketplace business “Back in 2011, we made the decision to start selling on other online platforms, such as Zalando and Wehkamp, in addition to our own website. However, a marketplace, for example, Zalando Partner Program, cannot include all of our 1300 articles in wholesale, and with the high return rate in Germany, we were not very profitable on their platform. Thus, together with my team, we decided to improve the profitability of the partner program. Ultimately, we were able to double the low profitability of the partnership within two months, just by putting in certain metrics and product management solutions.

As soon as we had all of that under control, it was necessary to onboard new partners to expand our marketplace business, and we met with ChannelEngine.”

“After meeting with ChannelEngine, we immediately realized that they were the perfect partner for us because they were very enthusiastic about our roadmap and proved to be just as ambitious as us when it comes to accelerating growth. In the end, it was the people element that convinced us to start a partnership with them. Their service is solid; they integrate partners, they do everything they can to provide a smooth and fast integration no matter our IT challenges. Moreover, they also helped us to form partnerships with marketplaces that they did not have a partnership with yet, which showed their dedication.”

Daniel continues: “Furthermore, we have been able to expand our third-party business quite a bit since I first began working for Hunkemöller two years ago, starting with only ten partners. Currently, we already have 42 different partnerships, which means that we quadrupled the number of partnerships within only two years. With the help of our partners, we can position ourselves differently in each country to reach all of our customers precisely.