Case Study: How Knives and Tools Nailed their Product Experience with Akeneo

WED 10:40 - 11:00

This is a 2022 presentation


Managing product scaling when entering new markets is no easy task and can easily harm the customer and product experience if not done correctly. With 80% of consumers saying they would abandon a purchase if the product information is flawed, it’s clear that accurate and consistent product data is vital for sales.

Selling over 10,000 products across 9 websites, international kitchen and outdoor retailer Knives and Tools, or Kato, was experiencing difficulties keeping up with their growth rate. They were struggling to quickly open new sales channels to expand their consumer reach whilst still ensuring data quality for their complex product model. To overcome this, Kato and their three sub-brands Eden, Skerper and Grailer, decided to centralise all their product data to have one single source of truth. As a result, Kato has nailed their product experience, cut through the noise of competitors, and easily scaled their product catalogs across markets.