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Ymage BV

Ymage is a marketleader in content creation and content editing. From traditional productphotography and product image editing we have grown into a 3D developing company. We deliver the complete process from creating the 3D file of a product, and we turn it in to beautiful content ready for your webshop. We can create the following:

- A 3D drawing/mesh of your product
- Product images (in multiple colors and finishes)
- Your product placed in a virtual space (livingroom, office space, etcetera)
- Augmented Reality (your product actually placed inside the room of your prospect)
- Animations and explainer videos
- A full configurator to configure your product online

*The cost of this new way of creating product images (CGI) is much cheaper then traditional product-photography, and much more consistent.

Visit our booth at the Webwinkel Vakdagen and within 5 minutes you know exactly what we do and how we do it!
See you there!