Wish is the largest mobile marketplace with over 300 million customers worldwide – 175 million of these customers are Europeans. About 2.4 million orders are made every day at Wish. Wish’s customer demographic is uniquely different than existing, traditional marketplaces. Not only do we reach a different consumer but we are effectively marketing to them through a proprietary recommendation engine, using customer age, gender, and history to inspire and encourage transactions.

Wish has begun focusing more on better delivery times for buyers – So if you have shorter delivery times than other merchants on Wish you will be highlighted. Because many sellers on Wish are from Asia, you can stand out as a European merchant you have a great advantage in terms of delivery times.

Wish is known for selling products on a very low price-scale, but we see that our customers desire better quality products. The rule is the price for a product needs to be competitive.

You can become a successful seller when you bring a large volume of products and inventory to the marketplace. Offering quality images maximizes your potential for success. Wish has invested in an Amsterdam office with the sole intent of supporting and maximizing sales for European sellers.

More info: eu.merchant.wish.com